Professional Headlight Restoration and Polishing

Fogged Headlights?
Take Advantage of Our Special Pricing!
Only $120
(reg. $150)

MasterGlass Autoglass is the number one company to restore your vehicles headlights back to their original state. If you’re having trouble seeing at night stop in at MasterGlass and we’ll get you back on the road seeing clearly again.

Over time your headlights are exposed to the harsh elements of Mother Nature including oxidization, which turns your headlights a dark yellow color and blocks the light from being emitted onto the road.

To get you seeing clearly again we use a professional headlight restoration system that you cannot purchase in stores.

We use the highest quality products to restore and polish your headlights so they look brand new when we’re finished. The first step in restoring your headlights is to grind off the old layer of oxidized plastic that’s blocking the light. Once all the pitted, oxidized plastic has been removed we start to polish the headlights by slowly increasing the sanding disks from a 180grit all the way up to a 3000grit polishing disk.

The next step is to apply a professional clear coat to your headlights. We do this because it not only protects your headlights from the harsh elements it also gives it that nice glossy shine that makes them look brand new. We use the highest quality gloss available on the market today so your headlights will be shinning their brightest for the next ten years.

If you can’t see at night let MasterGlass Autoglass restore your headlights. The headlight restoration kits you can buy at local stores will not help. They don’t offer the materials and products to give you a proper professional headlight restoration. Many only offer a polishing cream that wont help on oxidized plastic. You are more likely to waste your money and end up causing further damage to your vehicle by using a store bought kit.

If you let MasterGlass do a professional headlight restoration on your vehicle you will NOT be disappointed. We guarantee it!

To book your professional headlight restoration and polishing today call MasterGlass Autoglass at 250-862-8881.